Creating AlN substrates that will enable next-generation devices


Nitride Solutions is developing a high-volume, low-cost platform process to produce high quality single-crystal nitride substrates. These substrates will enable new markets in LEDs, laser diodes, high-voltage electronics and high-speed communications chips. The Company’s first product focus is aluminum nitride, but production of gallium nitride and ternary nitrides such as AlGaN should also be possible.

What is a substrate?

Substrates are the foundation material on which electronic devices such as Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), laser diodes and power electronics chips are manufactured. The properties of the substrate material directly impact the performance and cost of these devices.

What is Aluminum Nitride?

Aluminum nitride is a ceramic material that has two main advantages in electronics: wide bandgap and high thermal conductivity. The bandgap of aluminum nitride makes it the best material to use for deep UV devices, while the high thermal conductivity conducts heat away from the device, allowing higher power operation without premature failure.

What markets does this enable?

The wide availability of low-cost, high-quality aluminum nitride substrates will enable three new classes of electronic devices:

  • Deep UV LEDs for water and air purification, non-line of sight communications and non-invasive medical diagnostics
  • Deep UV laser diodes for advanced data storage devices and medical treatment products
  • High-voltage power switches for more stable and robust power transmission
  • Power management devices for Hybrid and Electric vehicles

Why Nitride Solutions?

Currently aluminum nitride substrates are made with processes that are inherently high-cost and are limited in the size and quality of substrate that they can produce. Nitride Solutions technology will produce substrates at 1/10 of current costs and quality levels 100x better than today’s state-of-the-art.

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