Creating AlN substrates that will enable next-generation devices


Nitride Solutions leverages its proprietary manufacturing processes to bring new aluminum nitride products to advanced electronics markets, enabling new products that address global needs for safe water and air, more reliable power transmission and higher-speed communications.

Why Aluminum Nitride?
The material brings a unique combination of properties to electronic devices: wide bandgap, high thermal conductivity and high voltage resistance and high temperature piezoelectric properties. The wide bandgap makes it the best material to use for deep UV and very high power devices, while the high thermal conductivity and high voltage resistance enables thinner structures and faster heat conduction out of the device, allowing higher power operation without premature failure.

Why Nitride Solutions?
Aluminum nitride is a material that does not exist in nature and its manufacture requires very high temperature reactions in specially designed reactors. NSI has developed unique proprietary processes for the volume production of:

  • Aluminum nitride templates (AlN on sapphire) that have industry-best UV transparency and defectivity for use in deep-UV LEDs.
  • Polycrystalline bulk aluminum nitride boules that are 99.999% pure and can be used to manufacture high-temperature piezoelectric devices and sputtering targets.
  • High-quality aluminum nitride coatings on copper or aluminum that simplify electronic device structures while maintaining the highest level of thermal conductivity and voltage resistance.

Our products have been qualified and are being used in production by multiple customers in the US and Asia.

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