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Wichita-based Nitride Solutions Inc. bringing a new tool to the fight against Covid-19

November 14, 2020

Wichita-based Nitride Solutions Inc. is helping bring a new tool to the market in the fight against Covid-19.

The company is now offering an ultraviolet wand system called COVInix PRO, an updated version of the product that has been laboratory tested against the novel coronavirus. While it is also effective against other viruses, Nitride CEO Jeremy Jones says the product was shown in testing to neutralize more than 99.9% ofCovid-19. “It’s a simple, portable product that kills Covid without any chemicals,” he says. Jones says COVInix came about from his company’s experience with supplying materials for ultraviolet LED products in the past.

Now, in partnership with an existing customer in Taiwan, the company is quickly importing the wand to help combat the pandemic. What differentiates it from competing products, he says, is both its effectiveness and its ties to domestic manufacturing.

While available through retailers like Amazon and Walmart, Jones says he wants to make sure local entities like school districts, senior centers and other health-care facilities and businesses know they can get the product directly. “We’re just trying to build awareness in the Wichita area,” he says.

In addition, Jones says funding from the U.S. Air Force is helping accelerate similar products and larger airflow systems for use at McConnell Air Force Base and more broadly in the military. The company has a website for the product Covinix Wand and Jones says interested local businesses can also contact him at .

Daniel McCoy
Wichita Business Journal

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