Creating AlN substrates that will enable next-generation devices


Jeremy Jones (Founder, CEO)

Jeremy became CEO in August of 2009. He has over 30 years experience building advanced materials businesses across global industries and markets in start-up and Fortune 500 companies. He has served in Executive, Corporate Officer and Board roles for companies such as Polaroid, Motorola, Cabot Microelectronics, Koch Industries and Naturally Advanced Technologies.

Jason Schmitt (Founder, CSO)

As an undergraduate researcher in the Solid State and Material Science Lab at Kansas State University, Jason developed deep experience in SiC and aluminum nitride crystal growth, characterization, fabrication, and device processing. He graduated with Honors from the Warsaw University of Technology in Poland where he researched the growth and characterization of GaN and chalcopyrite crystals and then started Kansas Semiconductor, the predecessor to Nitride Solutions.

Dr. Peng Lu (Founder; Director)

Peng is experienced in bulk crystal growth of AlN by high temperature PVT and has extensive experience in producing high quality single crystal boules of various orientations. He was responsible for the production of the world’s largest m-plane AlN crystal. He received his PhD in Chemical Engineering under Dr. James Edgar from Kansas State University.

Dr. Cris Ugolini (Director)

Cris has over 12 years experience working in the III-Nitride community. He received his Ph. D in physics from Kansas State University under the direction of Dr. Hongxing Jiang. Cris is responsible for the first- ever Er doped GaN film by the metal organic chemical vapor deposition process. He was also instrumental in studying high Al content AlGaN-based materials and devices for application in UV emitters and detectors. He left KSU to work in the epitaxial group of CREE inc where he was responsible for a multitude of improvements to their process and product portfolio.

Dr. Mark Kennard (Chief Commercial Officer)

Mark has 25 years international experience working with materials in the semiconductor industry. He joined Nitride Solutions Inc. as Chief Commercial Officer in 2017 and has focused on strategy, refining the company’s business model, and increasing revenue and profitability of each business unit. Mark leads the company’s sales and business development. Prior to joining Nitride Solutions Mark held several leadership positions including Vice President of Engineering. He holds a Bachelor degree in Chemistry from UC Berkeley and Masters and PhD degrees from Northwestern University.

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