Creating AlN substrates that will enable next-generation devices


Dr. James Edgar

James Edgar is University Distinguished Professor and Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Kansas State University. He has made pioneering contributions to the field of wide band-gap semiconductors that use nitride compounds rather than the more common silicon. His research has improved the materials that are the building blocks of a new generation of micro devices. Such devices are revolutionizing communications, transportation, lighting, medicine and consumer applications.

Dr. Edgar leads one of the most prolific research groups in the United States in the area of III-nitride wide band-gap semiconductors. A major focus of his group’s research is the growth of aluminum nitride single crystals, which are used in optical devices such as ultraviolet light emitting diodes and laser diodes. These devices will use ultraviolet light to sterilize water, air, heat sensitive plastics and medical appliances in a highly energy efficient manner. Edgar’s work involves optimizing the crystal growth to produce large and high quality crystals.

Dr. James (Ji-Yun) Kim

James (Ji-Yun) Kim is a strategy advisor. He has focused on new business and technology co-development programs between global companies and start-ups since 2010. Formerly, James was the Sr. Director of LG Innotek and executed key roles in open innovation and partnerships as head of San Jose R&D. James has had extensive experience in materials and components in the LED lighting, display, mobile, semiconductor and automotive industries. He has had various leadership roles in global sourcing, corporate R&D strategy, project management, process development and integration. He worked as a Sr. Research engineer in the development of organic substrate manufacturing processes for IC packaging at Samsung Electro-Mechanics after he received his PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from Yonsei University, Republic of Korea.

Dr. Matthew Neville

Matthew founded and was formerly the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and President of Cabot Microelectronics. Matthew brings over 25 years of experience in the general management of high technology manufacturing companies and advanced material suppliers. Cabot Micro became a global business, growing the workforce from 4 employees to over 500 employees located in 11 different countries and expanding operations to 5 dedicated manufacturing facilities in 3 key regions; US, Asia and Europe. In 2000, Matthew successfully led the initial public offering of Cabot Microelectronics onto the Nasdaq.

M. Amelia Taylor

Amelia is President and CEO of AURORA UV, a start-up focused on commercializing UV LEDs for water and air purification applications. She brings extensive knowledge of the aluminum nitride space as well as contacts with major device manufacturers, and has 20+ years of executive leadership experience in a variety of industries – business to business sales and distribution, computer technology, manufacturing and construction. Ms. Taylor is an entrepreneur who founded her first company in 1988 and has subsequently held the position of President and CEO of 4 enterprises with 150 – 500 employees and revenues of $30 to $90 million. She is a Technology Management Mentor at the UC Santa Barbara College of Engineering.

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